Life at home turned out to be far better than I ever thought.

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(***I do not, obviously, wish for COVID to linger around. By quarantine, I am referring solely to the altered state of life that the pandemic has brought about for me, not the illness itself.)

Our post-vaccinated reality has become a cruel irony.

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Early this year, I saw my hopes for a better, healthier 2021 mercilessly crushed into the ground as Covid wantonly blazed through America, especially California, where I live.

Retreating within helped illuminate the learnings which decades of external noise had effectively dimmed.

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The first week of January brings a flurry of reflections about the preceding year. But, when that preceding year is 2020, you need more than your regular arsenal of retrospective understanding to achieve ‘annual closure’!

Like me, you might be doing it wrong.

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Every time I hear the word ‘meditation’, my mind conjures up a tranquil setting, all neutrals and whites, a silhouette framed against the dewy morning light, sitting up tall in a restful meditative stance, eyes closed in blissful harmony, the whole image radiating serenity.

Acknowledging self-doubt and moving beyond its clutches.

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I started this year with a sense of purpose.

Choose momentum over idealization.

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I tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to my work.

The question I no longer have an answer for.

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I logged on to a work call yesterday.

A collection of dog-eared memories, to celebrate you.

My phone buzzes at 5 pm sharp. A WhatsApp message from my mother, who’s just waking up at 530 am in India.

There’s a reason everyone’s telling you to do it.

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You want to be a writer, you need to write every day.

A meditation on hope.

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On a particularly stifling summer day last August, I lay on my bed, propped up by pillows, staring out the window. I had just returned home from a wisdom tooth surgery and was still foggy from the anasthesia.

Sangeeta Marwah, PhD

Mom. Writer. Designer. Professional day-dreamer.

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